Maxine Bernier and The Sidewinder Report: Valuable and Highly Corroborating Windows Into the True Nature of the Canadian State


Canada = Gangster Government 

© 2009 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor


Often when the Fiefdom treatise is introduced by way of the standard telephone call to a new recipient a footnote is added about the relevance of the Bernier scandal.  When the connection is made between that incident and what was just said about the findings of the RCMP and CSIS in The Sidewinder Report, there’s an “Oh yea I get it!” reaction – the link being made between the criminal environment in which a federal minister of the Crown was caught associating with and thirty-plus years of Canada’s political and corporate leaders being buddy-buddy with Chinese triads that led to a large swath of the economy being secretly owned and operated by them and which advanced the Beijing leadership’s de facto governance of the country.  



One of the objectives of the research treatise dissemination initiative was to fully deconstruct the image of Canada’s system of government as democratic, the administration of justice as comprised of independent and unbiased institutions of accountability and the perception Corporate Canada has been promoting and participating in a free market capitalist system. 



For those who don’t believe the argument that Canada is secretly one big criminal enterprise at the highest levels of power and wealth, they sure can’t deny what the Canadian Security & Intelligence Service and RCMP found when they probed the non-transparent world of federal and provincial cabinet policy and decision making in the mid-1990s.  The Sidewinder Report is a rare and credible window through which to observe domestic and foreign agendas first by the Liberals and thereafter the Conservatives and who benefited and who suffered.  



The Bernier scandal brings powerful corroboration to that perception Canadian governance on the federal, provincial and in some cases municipal levels, is racked with profound corruption and criminality, that the legal profession, police and courts are complicit and the wealthiest families and companies in the country have monopolized, generated and stole hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth.  The treatise estimate is more than a trillion.


Anatomy of a scandal: The downfall of Maxime Bernier

May 27, 2008


Maxime Bernier's term as foreign affairs minister ended Monday with a 130-word letter of resignation to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. [...]  He left [sensitive] documents in the home of former girlfriend Julie Couillard -- a woman who had once been involved with members of the biker underworld. 




Couillard, now Bernier's ex-girlfriend, had been in relationships with two men involved in the biker underworld in the 1990s. One of them, Stephane Sirois, had been an associate of Maurice (Mom) Boucher, a Hells Angels leader in Quebec currently serving a first-degree murder sentence for ordering the 1997 murder of two prison guards. Another, Gilles Giguere, died in a gangland slaying. 



Millions of Canadians suffered and continue to in various ways.  Untold many have perished (the depraved indifference murder charge) and hundreds upon hundreds of thousands are living in squalid conditions and are vulnerable to all that fate delivers.  Political and corporate leaders are feeding off the vile energy that their style of public ruling and private owning and managing produces; and they’ve been satisfying their insatiable appetite for absolute power, wealth accumulation with no moral boundaries, total subjugation of the population and domination through micro-managing lives; and have also become clinically addicted to extreme schadenfreude.  



This paradigm of governance is going to end and when it does those who stood up to it will benefit and those who didn’t when having a public interest duty to do so will go down with the fiefdom ship.






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